Item collection d39ab4e9 e790 4885 b588 38fd49d660dd

Pink and White Knitted Cat Knitted Stuffed Toys. Cat Toys. Pet Toys, Children's Toys. Knitted items. S/M/L XL


Item collection 8f9a78bf 8f55 4add 9e01 e75184fc7c00

Pink and Purple Knitted Cat with Shawl. Knitted Stuffed Toys. Cat Toys. Pet Toys, Children's Toys. Knitted items. S/M/L XL


Item collection f7195890 da10 43d2 8f75 c010ed7c2455

Wooden Owl Face Pendant. Alder Wood Pendant with Suede Cord. Natural Jewelry.


Item collection 5b70bff8 a715 4f0d a72b 1b7b859c33b8

Wooden Owl Small Statement Earrings Sterling Silver Butterfly Stud Posts. Natural Alder Wood Earrings. Bird Earrings. Owl Face Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.848702373 42p9

Black Double Strand Suede Necklace with Sterling Silver. Corded Necklace. Jewellery


Item collection il fullxfull.843138669 nxdn

On Sale Fresh Water Pearls in Cream and Silver Accents Champagne on Ice . Statement Earrings. Pearl Earrings.


Item collection il fullxfull.664728243 m6xx

Crystal Dangle Earrings with Sterling Silver Shepherd Hook - Small. Gemstone Earrings. Sparkle Earri


Item collection il fullxfull.491090405 da2p

Ice Blue Swarovski Necklace. Crystal Floating Heart Necklace. 13 mm. Crystal Necklaces with Sterling Silver Chain


Item collection il fullxfull.708965169 ljeq

Mother Keepsake- Floating Memory Glass Locket Imprint Feet Charm, Glass Locket, Glass pendant. Heirloom Locket. Pendant. Baby G


Item collection il fullxfull.848130114 1s8f

Medium Blue Pendant. Grey Agate Slice Pendant with 925 Sterling Chain. Agate Blue Geode. Corded Pendant. Water Ocean Agate Pendant


Item collection il fullxfull.848694893 2x29

On Sale Red Oval Gemstone Jasper Pendant. Gemstone. Oval pendant. Red Stone. Jasper.


Item collection il fullxfull.496846098 802n

Desert Orange Faux Leather Short Length Tassel Earrings. Faux Leather Earrings. Dangle Drop Earrings. Trending Jewelry. More Colours


Item collection il fullxfull.843141013 fyi1

White Agate Earrings. Gemstone Spiral Statement Earrings, White Agate, Agate Gemstone, Gemstone Agate, Statement Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.843140961 trsi

Provence Lavender and Light Green Earrings. Chrysolite Swarovski Pear Shaped. Crystal Earring. Dangle Earrings. Swarovski Crystal


Item collection 30c29df1 806c 449c 979e 93a308d41fec

Vintage Antique Watch. Gold Leaf Scroll Brass Fob Watch/ Chain. Unisex Fob Watch. Fashion Accessory - Watch


Item collection 05217bad 5738 4f78 b6a0 02ea3f09e30e

Adorable Cat Stuffed Toys With Handmade Blanket. Comfort Toys. Pets Toys.Toys, Children's Toys. Knitted items. S/M/L XL


Item collection da69747c aa7e 43c0 97f3 3a46970beacc

Amethyst Pearl Spiral Earrings with Lever Backs


Item collection f43a060f 2b0c 4ec2 95e1 803c3bd49964

Soft Knitted Round Ball as Soft Toy for Pets, Children or Christmas Decoration


Item collection 4489310b 6339 471c 9603 a24fedec127a

Paua Shell Ring. Paua Shell Ring. Featuring stunning colour ribbons of , Blue, Green Purple. Statement Ring. Sterling Ring 925. Adjustabl0


Item collection 1b7d040d 4945 4e4c 868a 3c5ab6ac54e9

Adorable Cat Stuffed Toys. Zibbet Handmade. children, Knitted Stuffed Toys. Cat Toys. Pet Toys, Children's Toys. Knitted items. S/M/L XL


Item collection il fullxfull.289095899

Southwest style. Dangle earrings. Turquoise gemstone with Eye of Horus Silver Earrings.


Item collection 57571033 bde7 48c6 91d5 d081693a58f6

Glass Cross Floating Memory Locket. Cross Pendant Necklace.


Item collection 23097472 d88e 4369 8312 42f6dd7f75bf

Star Fish Stamped Earrings. Beach Jewelry. Stamped Earrings, Nautical Jewelry. Fish Hook Earrings. Dangle Earrings. Gifts for Her.


Item collection d11a423e a686 4456 b48d 24edc7cf2f73

Father's Day Key Chain/Fob. Gifts for Men. Stainless Steel Laser Charm. Sterling silver chain available too.


Item collection 334203fb 2af2 4541 9dc7 4a6df8915c0c

White Agate Earrings/ Spiral 925 Earrings. Statement Earrings. Drop and Dangle Earrings. Gemstone Earrings.


Item collection 0ed22a62 6bc6 4cb9 9feb 0cebdada2254

Crystal Wine Charms with Swarovski Crystals Wine Accessory 9.25 silver plate. Wine Charm, Bar Accessory Wine Glass.. Sets 2, 4, 6 8


Item collection il fullxfull.601949045 r20b

Sterling Silver Spiral Round Dangle Earrings. spiral earrings, Fish or Lever Back - Round Earrings, Pierced Earrings. Geometric Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.704855041 efqt

Swarovski Triangle Pendant. With Faux Suede Cord. Elements Triangle Crystal Pendant. Triangle Pendant . Vitrail Light Purple Pendant


Item collection il fullxfull.653758575 bjq8

Two Pairs Sterling Silver Shambaila Earrings in Rose or Cream Pearl Accents 925 Sterling Silver, 10mm. Two Pairs of Earrings


Item collection 39d60386 abde 40b9 9dd3 31ed78127cc5

Betty Boop Purple Enamel Pendant with Sterling Silver 16 inch Chain. White or Purple. Betty Boop Charm. Cartoon Icon. Select Colour Choi


Item collection 5fa070ff cb31 4b1e 8a13 bd882d023a5b

Green Stone. Gemstone Green Tribal Oval Jasper Pendant with Suede Cord. Jasper picture pendant. OOAK. Last One in Stock


Item collection il fullxfull.830088440 5pal

Heart Lockets with Chain. Purple Enamel Lockets with Sterling Silver Chain. Heart Locket Jewelry. Mother Gifts Baby Gifts Charms. PHL1


Item collection 7bf5dad4 c847 4cdc b784 634066a969cb

Gemstone Stone Pendant. Lacy Blue Agate Pendant with Suede Cord. Lacy Blue Pendant. Blue Agate Pendant. Gemstone. Calming Stone. LBA Item A


Item collection 981bfa11 200b 48d4 8365 122e7e6f4f3d

Gemstone Lacy Blue Agate Pendant with Suede Cord. Gemstone Pendant. Blue Agate Pendant. Gemstone. Calming Stone Aids In Intuition.


Item collection 36bc1109 cb32 48b9 bdfc 5746ed38ede8

Round Enamel Pendant. Blue Enamel Memory Lockets with Sterling Silver Chain. Enamel Locket Jewelry. Mother Gifts Baby Gifts Charms. RLB1


Item collection il fullxfull.624313899 3fet

925 Silver Plated Lobster Clasp, Jewelry Findings Commercial Jewelry Supplies. Findings, Supplies


Item collection 9914cb3f 0478 437d 90be ba71c06b4319

Swarovski Cranberry Red Crystal 925 Spiral Earrings. Festive Earrings. Dangle Earrings. LAST SET


Item collection 50067fc0 cfc1 463a abc9 22b60850c596

Antique Watch with ChainVintage Antique Butterfly Watch. Brass Fob Watch/ Chain. Fob Watch. Men's Gift, Unisex Gift. Watch Fob. Accessory


Item collection 21e29d66 5846 4eff 8ed0 07da1b2faec1

Neon Line Spiral Earrings. Neon Lime Earrings, Sterling 925 Silver Stamped Earrings. Pink, Orange, neon earrings.


Item collection il fullxfull.340162667

Mid Pink Pearl Earrings. Raspberry and Cream Silver Swirl - Dangle Earrings 6mm. Drop Earrings. Pearl. Sterling 925.


Item collection il fullxfull.491037060 ldty

Light Blue Swarovski Pendant. Floating Heart Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain. Heart Crystal Pendant Blue


Item collection 85a9533d 82ef 4260 a9bf 68fc944acec2

Orange Neon Sterling Silver Stamped Earrings. 925 Sterling. Rubberized Glass. Statement Earrings


Item collection da3aaad1 5873 47d3 b13c 6a84c39b17ed

Enamel Earrings. Cloisonne Sky/Cobalt and Coral/Blue Seahorse Earrings with Gold Lever Backs


Item collection il fullxfull.708858283 o3qy

Cat or Dog Paw Print Key Ring. Stamped Key Ring with Sterling Silver Pet Parent Delight. Cat dog jewelry accessory.


Item collection a255329a dd2e 4be0 8440 58cc2590a025

Sodalite and Rose Crystal Pearl Bracelet. Stone Bracelet- Women's Small. 14kg Gemstone Bracelet. Womens Bracelet


Item collection il fullxfull.568358404 6ah6

Green FRIEND- Wooden Key Fob. Green Key Chain. Show your FRIENDSHIP. Embossed Friend Key Ring


Item collection 3a94b8ba 1984 4dbd 8042 2ff594f2f7ce

Silver Southwestern Turquoise Dangle Earrings with Sterling Silver and natural Jasper Gemstone.


Item collection 4da991fd 2fee 4582 9c51 20f62d8fd8bf

Enamel Seahorse Earrings.Cloisonne - Seahorse Coral Earrings with Gold Lever Backs. Enamel Earrings. Coral Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.501688489 fwyo

Bayong Beaded Wooden Set. Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings 10mm and 6 mm, Beaded Set, Bayong Beads, Bayong Bracelet


Item collection 991071 original

Tanzanite Passions Violet bell earrings. Swarovski Crystal Purple earrings. Bell Earrings. Violet Earrings


Item collection 6870c7c0 b623 4080 9817 521fc0c40ed9

Gemstone Sodalite Beaded Braclet with Pearl and Gold Filled Beads. Women's Small 7.0 wrist


Item collection 2707209 original

Symphony of Pearl Earrings Spiral Earrings 8mm. Pearl Earrings. Spiral Earrings


Item collection 991171 original

South Seas TigerWood Pendant


Item collection il fullxfull.169171224

Gemstone Purple Green Grey Donut Pendant. Statement Pendant. Natural Stone. Donut round pendant. Marbled stone


Item collection 990827 original

Shamrock Clover Enamel Key Ring Charm Bicycle. Key Ring. Irish Key Ring. Shamrock Key Ring


Item collection 3180835 original

Rosary Cross Bracelet with Beading. Devotional Item. Devotional Beaded bracelet. Elastic Beaded Bracelet.


Item collection 991008 original

Red Jasper Picture Picasso Pendant. Gemstone, stone pendant. Red and beige oval pendant.


Item collection 990969 original

Picasso Marble Jasper Yellow Brown Pendant. Stone Pendant. Yellow Brown Stone. Banded Stone


Item collection 991187 original

Peace Love Antique Gold Filled Earrings. Retro Peace Earrings. 1960 style.


Item collection il fullxfull.594807270 8whg

Rose Gemstone Heart Pendant. Rose Quartz, Adventurine, Jasper, with Sterling Silver Chain or Suede Cord


JewelleryInspired4U - May YOU Sparkle in My Designs

✫`Hello, my name is Vanessa pleased to meet you!!! Sparkle in my jewellery. Hypoallergenic, sterling, gemstones, pearls, earrings, bracelets, necklaces. We offer hand knitted items too for the young at heart.

Cheers ^..^! Thank you.

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