Item collection il fullxfull.595692235 o7so

Enamel Purple Cat Earrings with Accented Crystals . Fish Hook Earrings. Cat Earrings


Item collection 84c4a9ea de97 460d a604 2973a6a81f6b

Olive Wood Cross Bracelet. Genuine Olive Wood Beaded Bracelet. Jerusalem Beads. Devotional Bracelet.


Item collection 991066 original

Light Vitrail AB Swarovski Heart Earrings


Item collection 991086 original

Jasper Picasso Oval Necklace


Item collection 990910 original

Ice Green Crystal Pendant


Item collection 3537265 original

Handmade Rosary Cross Bracelets, Wooden Beads, Devotional Prayer Bracelet


Item collection 991003 original

Gem Stone Picasso Jasper Toffee Butterscotch


Item collection 991017 original

Gem Stone Blue Howlite Oval Pendant


Item collection 991206 original

Fresh water pearl peach necklace 18 inch


Item collection 991256 original

Emerald Swarovski Crystal Pendant 28mm with Sterling Silver Chain


Item collection 5691731 original

Crucifix Necklace with Wooden Ornate Cross. Devotional Cross Necklace. Bayong Bead Necklace


Item collection 991167 original

Brown Pendant Tiger Ebony Wood. Unisex Cut Out Pendant. Tribal Woodland Pendant


Item collection 990921 original

Bermuda Blue Heart Swarovski Crystal Earrings. Genuine Swarovski. Lever Back Earrings


Item collection 990918 original

Bermuda Blue Heart Pendant


Item collection 991027 original

Abalone Shell Pendant Mosiac pattern


Item collection il fullxfull.558518155 5rmj

Bohemian Multi-Colours "Boho" Tassel Silver Domed Earrings. Long length.


Item collection il fullxfull.490146804 tyac

Aquamarine or Amethyst Swarovski - 22 mm Crystal Teardrop Pendant. Swarovski, Austrian Pendant. Teardrop Pendant.


Item collection c1514fae b4fb 4f07 a896 a4aa92a6ac63

Swarovski Heart Bermuda Earrings 10mm. Blue crystal. Crystal Blue Earrings, Statement Earrings.


Item collection e52d6587 34ba 471d 8a1c 83598ba0e7f4

Swarovski Emerald Green or Amethyst Pendant. 28 mm Tear Drop Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain.


Item collection a0be8911 ffc8 4f67 9136 edbfaf0f06fd

Jasper Cafe Mocha Pendant. Banded Stripe Pendant. Gemstone Pendant. Statement Necklace


Item collection il fullxfull.211283209

Red Jasper Picasso Oval Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain. Oval gemstone pendant. Beige and Red pendant. Key hole pendant.


Item collection 53da112a 1a2e 4f71 adb7 f60652b89046

Tiny Rhinestone Earrings. Swarovski Stud Earrings. Padparadascha. Blue, orange, pink, Crystal Earrings. Swarovski Crystal. 7mm Earrings


Item collection d0c6e311 b03b 414c 8154 aea542acb77f

On Sale Walnut Aztec Wooden 38mm Earrings. Tribal Earrings. Cut Out Earrings. Wood Earrings. Dangle Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.343091075

Swarovski Siam Heart Pendant Sterling Silver Chain 925 Sterling silver 16 inch chain. 14mm


Item collection 776c7348 59f9 4726 913e 4d347472d577

Fuchsia Gemstone Arrowhead Earrings. Ribbon Earrings. 925 Sterling, Leverback. Agate Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.843362556 2vfp

Cat or Dog Paw Earrings. Cut-Out Lever Back Earrings with Sterling Silver - Pet Parent, Pet Lover


Item collection cca8659e 06d4 497e aed9 8bc8c4189088

Swarovski Violet Vitrail Earrings. Purple Crystal Heart Earrings. Purple Dangle Earrings,


Item collection d4d3e843 6052 47bd 8a33 a658ff2beb2e

Swarovksi Heliotrope Cross Pendant. Gemstone Cross Pendant. Devotional pendant. Semi precious jewelry.


Item collection il fullxfull.854913227 izao

Weldbond - Non-Toxic Bonding Glue for Jewellery and Crafts Small Size 4 oz 114ml.


Item collection c7fd00cb 40d2 44fd 9122 58b034c68945

Friend Mid Blue Wooden Key Fob - Key Chain., Friendship Key Ring, Friendship, Embossed Key Ring


Item collection il fullxfull.844315014 dxai

Pebble Jasper Gemstone Pendant. Pink Cream Beige Jewelry Necklace. Pattern, Wire Wrapped Pendant. OOAK Stone Pendant. Picture Jasper


Item collection il fullxfull.758934868 4jaz

Strawberry Hot Pink Neon Sterling Silver Stamped Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Sterling Silver Earrings, Spiral Earrings.


Item collection il fullxfull.825159956 ccb2

Sky Blue Dress Earrings. Betty Boop Novelty Unique Earrings. Sterling Silver Leverback


Item collection 7d29472d 8180 4ca3 a6b2 c37c7f42b770

Mexican Lace Agate Heart Orange Leverback 925 Sterling Silver Lever Back. Item B. Orange Banded Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.699830965 3po2

Wave - 925 Wire Wrapped Clear Crystal Earrings. 925 Sterling. - It's all the Wave! Wave Earrings. Dangle Style. Lever Back Ear wires.


Item collection 55cd07e4 f9da 482f 8054 8e59b8b8920c

Wave Earrings. 925 Wire Wrapped Purple Earrings - It's all the Wave! Wave Earrings. Dangle Style. Lever Back Ear wires.


Item collection il fullxfull.833908632 1o4a

Red Jasper Cone Earrings with Silver Beaded Accents - Lever Back Ear Closures - Volcanic Style - Fire and Ice, Drop Earrings, (One


Item collection il fullxfull.843362464 cgjv

Brown Bayong Beaded Wooden Dangle Earrings with Gold Spiral. Philippine wood earrings.


Item collection 81b729d9 bb97 42a6 a9a4 21ff5fbc3f9b

Swarovski Bermuda Heart Pendant. 18mm. Natural Crystal. 925 Sterling Chain.


Item collection il fullxfull.641096462 ou1w

Star of David Earring and Pendant Set with Sterling Silver Chain. Jewish Devotional Jewellery. Mogen Dovid. Maden David. Star of Dav


Item collection 172eeed6 4455 4a63 ba08 52981a66469d

Fresh Water Pearl Cream and Silver Drop Earrings. Pearl Earrings. Cream Earrings. 925 Sterling Silver 9.25.


Item collection il fullxfull.537052313 a7fv

Amethyst Pearl Earrings Accented With 925. Sterling Spiral Ear Wires 8mm -Pearl Earrings.


Item collection bc8b98dc eb3d 44a9 a55a 0aa12a26b82e

Purple Faux Boho Tassel Earrings - Silver Top Short length 39mm x 10mm. Capped Dome Earrings. 925 Silver. Beat the Sun! SL


Item collection il fullxfull.482926737 gtcn

Geometric Popsicle Pendant Necklace. Hippy Earrings, Pearl Crystal Beads - Orange Yellow White. 1960 Mod Hippy Style.


Item collection 1bfdce46 4675 469c a142 a76ace0e7203

Bohemian-Brown Faux Suede/Leather Tassel Earrings - Silver Top 39mm x 10mm. Silver Top Boho Earrings. Brown Tassel Earrings. Dangle


Item collection 07fe04ff 7d69 49f2 bcb2 36ff953f5ad5

Star Fish Swarovski Pendant. AB 20 mm Pendant Necklace with Silver Chain


Item collection bb4a72c0 8b02 4d57 825c 979a947899c7

Mother of Pearl Bracelet - Rose and Champagne Pearls. Statement Bracelet. Rose and White Bracelet


Item collection e9b77951 a0e4 4399 948c e34dcf8babcb

Betty Boop Earrings. 925 Sterling Silver Earrings. Red Dress Earrings. Novelty Unique Earrings. Betty Boop Charm. Lever Back.. LAST PAIR!


Item collection il fullxfull.843361180 sstv

Shamrock Clover Leaf Key Ring with Celtic Dancer Charm


Item collection il fullxfull.656407991 l56m

Cat Dog Paw Floating Memory Locket. Round locket. Locket with 16 inch Chain. Paw Prints. Cat and Dog Accessory.


Item collection 0da55762 690e 4a4d b280 9667a0ae15b9

Friend -Fuchsia Wooden Key Fob Accessory . Friends Key Chain.


Item collection 3a877a68 7460 4d4e b2eb 1e41e8ba47a0

Sky Pale Blue Suede Tassel Earrings Small. Dangle and Drop Boho Statement Earrings. Bohemian Earrings


Item collection 89dca189 2797 40e0 b4ff 2fef85d9c0c6

Bohemian -Dark Olive Tassel Earrings - Silver Top 39mm x 10mm. Suede earringsl.


Item collection ad6a1a3d 58dd 4767 b9af 35d269c5e9ae

Friend Purple Wooden Key Fob - Key Chain. Key Accessories. Key Ring. Friend Key Ring


Item collection 1455cea1 c0af 4965 8edd 5fb2b072c204

Suede Cord Necklace Finished Product -Variety of Colours. Stranded Necklace. Cord. Suede. Hypo-allergenic. S/Silver end caps.


Item collection il fullxfull.599222512 l2mz

On Sale Glue, Craft Supplies - Non-Toxic Bonding Glue for Jewellery and Crafts - 14.2 oz size, 5.4, 4 oz. Craft Commerial Glue


Item collection 56acb536 0eb8 49c7 9d76 7f2561ae4a80

Cloisonne - Butterfly - Blue and Salmon/Coral Earrings with Gold Leverback ear closures. Semi-precious. Ornate Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.843360954 betx

On Sale I Love YOU - Inscribed Copper Heart Pendant - In Many Languages


Item collection il fullxfull.558440960 obgn

White "Boho" Silver Domed Clip-on Earrings. Screw back hypoallergenic earrings. Non-Pierced Ears


Item collection 3deff64d dcd9 4819 9083 8943ce8366f7

Cloisonne - Blue Tiger Earrings with Gold Lever Backs. Assorted Styles


JewelleryInspired4U - May YOU Sparkle in My Designs

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Cheers ^..^! Thank you.

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