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Wooden Owl Face Pendant. Alder Wood Pendant with Suede Cord. Natural Jewelry.


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Wooden Owl Small Statement Earrings Sterling Silver Butterfly Stud Posts. Natural Alder Wood Earrings. Bird Earrings. Owl Face Earrings


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White Agate Earrings. Gemstone Spiral Statement Earrings, White Agate, Agate Gemstone, Gemstone Agate, Statement Earrings


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Provence Lavender and Light Green Earrings. Chrysolite Swarovski Pear Shaped. Crystal Earring. Dangle Earrings. Swarovski Crystal


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Amethyst Pearl Spiral Earrings with Lever Backs


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Southwest style. Dangle earrings. Turquoise gemstone with Eye of Horus Silver Earrings.


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Star Fish Stamped Earrings. Beach Jewelry. Stamped Earrings, Nautical Jewelry. Fish Hook Earrings. Dangle Earrings. Gifts for Her.


Item collection 334203fb 2af2 4541 9dc7 4a6df8915c0c

White Agate Earrings/ Spiral 925 Earrings. Statement Earrings. Drop and Dangle Earrings. Gemstone Earrings.


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Two Pairs Sterling Silver Shambaila Earrings in Rose or Cream Pearl Accents 925 Sterling Silver, 10mm. Two Pairs of Earrings


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Swarovski Cranberry Red Crystal 925 Spiral Earrings. Festive Earrings. Dangle Earrings. LAST SET


Item collection 21e29d66 5846 4eff 8ed0 07da1b2faec1

Neon Line Spiral Earrings. Neon Lime Earrings, Sterling 925 Silver Stamped Earrings. Pink, Orange, neon earrings.


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Mid Pink Pearl Earrings. Raspberry and Cream Silver Swirl - Dangle Earrings 6mm. Drop Earrings. Pearl. Sterling 925.


Item collection da3aaad1 5873 47d3 b13c 6a84c39b17ed

Enamel Earrings. Cloisonne Sky/Cobalt and Coral/Blue Seahorse Earrings with Gold Lever Backs


Item collection 4da991fd 2fee 4582 9c51 20f62d8fd8bf

Enamel Seahorse Earrings.Cloisonne - Seahorse Coral Earrings with Gold Lever Backs. Enamel Earrings. Coral Earrings


Item collection 53da112a 1a2e 4f71 adb7 f60652b89046

Tiny Rhinestone Earrings. Swarovski Stud Earrings. Padparadascha. Blue, orange, pink, Crystal Earrings. Swarovski Crystal. 7mm Earrings


Item collection cca8659e 06d4 497e aed9 8bc8c4189088

Swarovski Violet Vitrail Earrings. Purple Crystal Heart Earrings. Purple Dangle Earrings,


Item collection 172eeed6 4455 4a63 ba08 52981a66469d

Fresh Water Pearl Cream and Silver Drop Earrings. Pearl Earrings. Cream Earrings. 925 Sterling Silver 9.25.


Item collection e9b77951 a0e4 4399 948c e34dcf8babcb

Betty Boop Earrings. 925 Sterling Silver Earrings. Red Dress Earrings. Novelty Unique Earrings. Betty Boop Charm. Lever Back.. LAST PAIR!


Item collection 0163ebb1 5881 406c 8eed 98743587f2d4

Star Fish Swarovski Earrings -Sterling Silver Ear Wires


Item collection 634cd212 9866 48b2 b48f f6c359e63835

Butterfly White Cobalt Blue Earrings with Gold Lever Backs. Cloisonne Enamel Earrings. Dangle Earrings. Cloisonne Earrings


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