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Mother Keepsake- Floating Memory Glass Locket Imprint Feet Charm, Glass Locket, Glass pendant. Heirloom Locket. Pendant. Baby G


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Medium Blue Pendant. Grey Agate Slice Pendant with 925 Sterling Chain. Agate Blue Geode. Corded Pendant. Water Ocean Agate Pendant


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Betty Boop Purple Enamel Pendant with Sterling Silver 16 inch Chain. White or Purple. Betty Boop Charm. Cartoon Icon. Select Colour Choi


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Green Stone. Gemstone Green Tribal Oval Jasper Pendant with Suede Cord. Jasper picture pendant. OOAK. Last One in Stock


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Heart Lockets with Chain. Purple Enamel Lockets with Sterling Silver Chain. Heart Locket Jewelry. Mother Gifts Baby Gifts Charms. PHL1


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Gemstone Stone Pendant. Lacy Blue Agate Pendant with Suede Cord. Lacy Blue Pendant. Blue Agate Pendant. Gemstone. Calming Stone. LBA Item A


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Gemstone Lacy Blue Agate Pendant with Suede Cord. Gemstone Pendant. Blue Agate Pendant. Gemstone. Calming Stone Aids In Intuition.


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Round Enamel Pendant. Blue Enamel Memory Lockets with Sterling Silver Chain. Enamel Locket Jewelry. Mother Gifts Baby Gifts Charms. RLB1


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South Seas TigerWood Pendant


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Gemstone Purple Green Grey Donut Pendant. Statement Pendant. Natural Stone. Donut round pendant. Marbled stone


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Red Jasper Picture Picasso Pendant. Gemstone, stone pendant. Red and beige oval pendant.


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Picasso Marble Jasper Yellow Brown Pendant. Stone Pendant. Yellow Brown Stone. Banded Stone


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Brown Pendant Tiger Ebony Wood. Unisex Cut Out Pendant. Tribal Woodland Pendant


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Aquamarine or Amethyst Swarovski - 22 mm Crystal Teardrop Pendant. Swarovski, Austrian Pendant. Teardrop Pendant.


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Swarovski Heart Bermuda Earrings 10mm. Blue crystal. Crystal Blue Earrings, Statement Earrings.


JewelleryInspired4U - May YOU Sparkle in My Designs

✫`Hello, my name is Vanessa pleased to meet you!!! Sparkle in my jewellery. Hypoallergenic, sterling, gemstones, pearls, earrings, bracelets, necklaces. We offer hand knitted items too for the young at heart.

Cheers ^..^! Thank you.

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